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              Plant Science and Conservation

              • Removing buckthorn
              • Scientists working in the lab
              • Scientists working in the lab
              • Scientist in the lab
              • Scientists working in the lab
              • Scientist in seed lab
              • Scientist in the field
              • Scientists in the field
              • Scientist in the field

              Plant Science will Save the Planet.

              Conserving plants is one of the most significant challenges of our time—and a major focus at the Negaunee Institute for Plant Conservation Science and Action at the Chicago Botanic Garden. From studying soil to banking seeds, from restoring habitats and protecting endangered plant species to developing new ones,?Negaunee Institute?scientists are fighting plant extinction, pollution, and climate change through diverse and exciting research. Read more

              Research & Conservation

              PHOTO: ravine trian

              The Negaunee Institute’s science program focus on five core areas aimed at mitigating diversity loss, laying the foundation for healthy ecosystems, and fostering an improved relationship between humans and nature. A key objective to achieving these goals is developing a deeper understanding of the threats to plant life.

              Ornamental Plant Research

              PHOTO: Ornamental Plant Research

              Sustainable landscaping practices are promoted through?initiatives to identify and develop plants best suited to Midwest gardens. Serving as an optimal outdoor laboratory, the Ellis Goodman Family Foundation Green Roof Garden South is supporting national research to better understand the response of plant communities to extreme growing conditions.

              Graduate Training

              PHOTO: Ginkgo in fall color.

              Critical to future success is training the next generation of conservationists. From accredited graduate and undergraduate degree programs to internships, workshops, and seminars, the Garden's Negaunee Institute?is providing exceptional training for future conservation leaders.

              Community Science

              PHOTO: POC

              The Garden is headquarters for Budburst, which engages volunteers in all 50 states to track climate change impacts on the timing of leafing, flowering, and fruiting of plants. Plants of Concern, the Garden’s model community science program, engages volunteers in tracking different plant species at locations in the Chicago region.