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              Parking Timed-Entry

              Daily, 8 a.m. – 3? p.m. (last entry 2 p.m.)

              Members: free per car
              $25 per car
              $10 per car for senior citizens on Tuesdays (age 62+)
              Discount for Cook County residents

              All visitors—including Garden members—must preregister for a specific date and time. There is no entry without a reservation. You only need to register for your car, not the number of people who will be visiting.??Your visit must start within the time frame on your ticket, and you may stay as long as you would like but you must leave by closing time.

              Note: If you see a time slot that is grey on the drop down menu, that time has been sold out.?

              This is necessary for the health and safety of all. We will limit the number of cars, and people, to avoid overcrowding and and jeopardizing the ability of people to safely social distance. A face covering is required when you’re within 6 feet of people outside your own party and in the Garden View Café and Garden Shop.

              For more information, see our FAQs. No exchanges; no refunds. Tickets are valid rain or shine.

              E.g., Tuesday, December 22 2020
              • This time slot is sold out, please select another date and/or timeframe.