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              Corporate Support

              The participation and engagement of our corporate partners is essential for the Chicago Botanic Garden to create and deliver its extensive programming and support our educational and scientific programs. We have created a number of unique programs that recognize the many roles that corporations play within our community. Please join us in helping to fulfill the Garden's mission: We cultivate the power of plants to sustain and enrich life.

              Sponsorship Opportunity

              Sponsorship Opportunities

              Partner with the Chicago Botanic Garden on one or more of our many unique programs and events and reach a highly desirable audience and support our mission at the same time. Sponsorship comes with many benefits customized to your audience. Please take a moment to review how sponsoring an event can help associate your brand with the Garden's mission. Click here for information on sponsorship opportunities.

              Sponsorship Opportunity

              Corporate Partnership Program

              Our Corporate Partners are a leading group of companies that provide critical support for the Chicago Botanic Garden. As a member of the Corporate Partnership Program, you will enjoy both the natural beauty and the professional benefits of a partnership with the Chicago Botanic Garden. Our program is designed for your company to enjoy a wide range of opportunities such as free parking, volunteer activities for your employees, access to our beautiful facilities for meetings and events, and discounts on classes and memberships. Joining this program demonstrates your company's commitment to the environment and offers the opportunity to promote wellness while providing unique access to entertain clients. Click here for a complete list of benefits.

              Sponsorship Opportunity

              In-Kind Support

              The Garden relies on products and services for many programs and for our day-to-day operations. In-Kind support provides direct budget relief for the Garden.

              If you have a product or service that would be beneficial to Garden operations, please contact Rachel Rosenberg at (847) 835-6831.

              Sponsorship Opportunity

              Corporate Roundtable on Sustainability

              The Corporate Roundtable on Sustainability provides an informal, collaborative forum for companies committed to bringing sustainability to their operations, their employees, and their senior leadership. The Chicago Botanic Garden hosts a meeting held three to four times a year that brings together corporations interested in environmental leadership and corporate social responsibility. Learn more about this group and see if it fits your mission. Click here for information.

              Sponsorship Opportunity

              Corporate Champions

              The Chicago Botanic Garden gratefully acknowledges our Corporate Champions who help advance our mission.